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Soos Global employs a dynamic analytical process in developing a limited number of actively managed portfolios of various risk levels, each offered to investors based on their respective financial profiles and risk tolerances.

To assist in that selection, our investor "on-boarding" process begins with a thorough interactive discussion that revolves around the key risk and goal-related topics that can be seen by visiting the following link:  Client Profile.
We also have a battery of questions from a state-of-the-art financial planning software application that further guides our understanding of each investor's overall financial profile, which, in turn, helps drive the portfolio selection process.

The diagram below summarizes, broadly, how we assess global markets and ultimately decide upon which securities to own.

For additional information on our investment process and for a more complete description of each of the steps outlined in the diagram below, along with sample portfolio allocations please Contact Soos Global.

We invite you to read our latest market views, commentaries and investment ideas on our blog-site called "Soos Global Market Musings", along with archived publications accessible on and in the Perspectives section of

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