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Who we are:
Soos Global Capital Advisors, LLC
was founded by our Principal, Edward J. Leventhal, after a 23-year career at Salomon Brothers, which became Citigroup through mergers.  Since 2002, Ed was among Citigroup's Senior Management (top 1% of the firm).

After graduating from The Wharton School of Business in 1982, Ed started his career in Corporate Banking at Bank of America, where, for four years, he was an associate in the Fortune 500 group advising international companies such as Macy's, American Brands, RJReynolds, Zayre Stores and JC Penney. 

In 1986, in addition to completing his MBA at New York University, Ed moved to Salomon Brothers, where he worked for the next 23 years, through its mergers with Travelers and then Citigroup.  During that time, he was in institutional sales and trading advising many of the largest hedge funds, banks, mutual funds, central banks and other government institutions on investment opportunities in various asset classes all over the world.  His career advanced from US Treasury sales with specialization in derivatives, to heading the Global Government Bond team in the US, followed by managing Salomon's West Coast Fixed Income business (based in San Francisco), after which he returned to NY to become Global Product Manager of Emerging Markets, and finally, leading Global Relationship Management for Citigroup's premier institutional clients across Equities and Fixed Income around the globe. 

What we do:
Soos Global Capital Advisors, LLC provides Ed's global markets and institutional level experience to a select group of high-net-worth private investors who are looking for that level of sophistication in the way their money is managed and in designing investment portfolios suitable to their investment goals, risk tolerances, and liquidity preferences.  Capitalizing on years of experience in global financial markets and on three full passports of international travel, Ed's assessment of global opportunities provides Soos Global with its key competitive investment edge. We offer a choice of actively managed strategies, differing by levels of risk, all based on global-macro, thematic opportunities, driven by thorough geopolitical risk assessments, fundamental research, and complemented by technical analysis. Soos Global has chosen Fidelity Investments as our preferred and recommended custodian for client funds and securities, and as our primary trading desk through which we access a complete menu of financial products.   For additional information please
Contact Soos Global.

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